SAND CDBMS Error Messages Guide
Nisqlm Exit Codes


The table below lists the possible status codes returned by the SAND CDBMS Interactive SQL program (nisqlm) when it exits. If nisqlm exits without having encountered any errors, it will return 0 (ERROR_SUCCESS). By default, nisqlm always returns 0, whether or not there were any errors. To enable the rest of the status codes, nisqlm must be started with the command line parameter "-e1".

If the extended status codes are enabled, and one or more errors are encountered by nisqlm, the code representing the latest error will be returned when nisqlm exits. (Note that nisqlm can be configured to exit as soon as the first error is encountered, by including the parameter "-q1" when starting nisqlm.)


Code Name Description
0 ERROR_SUCCESS Nisqlm did not encounter any errors.
1 ERROR_PARAMETER One or more of the required command line parameters was missing.
2 ERROR_USAGE An invalid option was included in the command line.
3 ERROR_CONNECT Nisqlm failed to connect to the server.
4 ERROR_CONNECTION The connection to the server was severed.
5 ERROR_EXPORT A .EXPORT operation failed.
6 ERROR_COMMAND An invalid SQL command was specified.
7 ERROR_MEMORY Nisqlm encountered a memory allocation error.
8 ERROR_OPERATION A system operation (for example, opening a file for writing) failed.
9 ERROR_INTERNAL An internal error was encountered.
10 ERROR_SQL An SQL statement generated an error on the server side.