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Installing Octopus


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Installing Octopus and Octopus Agent for UNIX

Octopus is included by default in the SAND CDBMS installation for UNIX. To start installing from the SAND CDBMS CD-ROM, log in to the system as "root", change directory to the CD-ROM's root directory or the directory where the install files reside, mount the CD-ROM, and then issue the following command at the system command prompt:


During the install, you will be prompted to specify whether you want to install Octopus as a daemon. If you answer "yes", Octopus will be set up to run as a standard daemon, started under Run Level 3. The daemon can be started and stopped using the scripts that are installed in the rc[0,2,3].d directory (located under /sbin). If the Octopus daemon is uninstalled, Octopus can still be started and stopped manually, as described in the Octopus Operations section.