Octopus Administrator's Guide
Configuring Octopus for Multi-Server Operation


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Node Configuration

Each Octopus Node represents a host computer on which OctoEng’s are installed. Remote Node names are specified with the NODES parameter in the OCTOPUS section of the nucleus.ini file as described above; each remote Node also has its own section in the nucleus.ini file, containing one or more of the parameters listed below (the Port parameter is required). The header for this section consists of the keyword NODE followed by the Node name. If the Node name is the same as the remote computer's host name, the Host parameter does not have to be included in the NODE section.

[NODE node-name]


The location of the database primary file (.n00).

Default: DatabasePath value from the OCTOPUS section


The host name of the remote computer.

Default: node-name


The number of the port used to connect to the Octopus system; this port number is internal to the system and does not need to be specified by clients connecting to Octopus.