Octopus Administrator's Guide
Configuring Octopus for Multi-Server Operation


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Subclass Configuration

Subclass configuration for remote Nodes is the same as for single-server operation, except that the Subclass section headers in the nucleus.ini file specify the Node name followed by the Class name (separated by a space) after the SUBCLASS keyword, as follows:

[SUBCLASS node-name class-name]

Take care to ensure that the spelling of the Class name matches that in the OCTOPUS section; otherwise the section will not be recognized.

When setting the RescheduleTimeout value for different Subclasses of the same Class, the relative speed of the processors available to the different Nodes should be taken into account.

It is possible to reconfigure the Cache and NumberOfEngines values for Octopus Subclasses “on-the-fly”. For details, consult the Octopus Operations section.