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Terminating SQL Command or Data Load Execution

To terminate processing of a particular SQL command or data load by an OctoEng, use the OctoKill program. Note that a user name (along with password, if applicable) must be included in the program invocation, unless privilege checking has been disabled by including the SecurityLevel=0 parameter in the relevant [OCTOPUS instance-name] section of the nucleus.ini file. When privilege checking is disabled, all users are connected as the user DBA.

Users with DBA privileges or users designated as SessionAdmin have the ability to terminate SQL command or data load execution for any session; other users can only terminate commands running in sessions established under their own user name.


octokill connection-name database-name user-name[/password] session-id-number [command-id-number]

Session ID and Command ID numbers can be determined by executing the octoinfo command and consulting the Session section of the display.

Executing the octokill command without the Command ID argument will display information related to the specified session, and the session state is reported as "busy", ask whether or not to kill command processing. When prompted, enter Y to kill the command, or N to allow processing to continue.

Data loads can also be terminated using the Sonar graphical interface. For details, consult the online help supplied with that program.