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Importing Data Using the SAND CDBMS Data Loader (ndlm)

It is possible to connect to Octopus and import data using the SAND CDBMS Data Loader (ndlm) when Octopus is operating in Public Update mode. The -u option flag can be included in the ndlm invocation to automatically disconnect any client sessions currently executing commands on the updatable OctoEng; if this flag is not included, ndlm will wait until the current transaction on the updatable OctoEng is terminated (by a COMMIT [WORK] or ROLLBACK [WORK] command) before beginning to load data. While performing an import,ndlm maintains an exclusive lock on the updatable OctoEng. When the final commit has completed, the view of the database seen by all Octopus clients is automatically refreshed.

A user with DBA privileges can terminate the processing of a data load using the OctoKill program, or via the Sonar graphical interface. For information about Sonar, consult the online help supplied with that program..

For complete information about ndlm, consult the SAND CDBMS Tools Reference Guide.

Data loads performed via Octopus are by default only virtual updates: the changes will be discarded when the Octopus instance is shut down. In order to make the changes permanent, the SET UPDATE KEEP CHANGE command must be executed as described below.