Octopus Administrator's Guide
Octopus Monitoring, Logging, and Statistics


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Octopus Logging

All Octopus error and warning messages are recorded in the Octopus log file. The name and location of this file (given the extension .otl) are specified with the LogFile parameter in the OCTOPUS section(s) of the nucleus.ini file. The default log file is database-name.otl, located in the directory specified by the DatabasePath parameter.

Each remote Octopus Agent also writes the messages and warnings that pertain to the OctoEng’s under its control to its own log file, as specified in the [OCTOPUS AGENT] section of the Node's nucleus.ini file.

For a list of Octopus error messages, consult the SAND CDBMS Messages Guide.

Octopus log files can be reset by executing the OctoRollLog program locally or remotely.