SAND CDBMS Documentation Library
HTML Search Help

The SAND CDBMS HTML Search Engine allows a user to find pages in the documentation library that contain some or all of the search keywords.

To execute a search, enter one or more keywords separated by spaces in the text box. Wildcard symbols can be used to specify variable characters in a search word: an asterisk (*) indicates zero or more variable characters; a question mark (?) indicates a single variable character.

To perform a search that excludes a certain keyword, prefix the keyword with a hyphen. For example, the search string "virtual  -memory" will look for pages with the word "virtual" that do not also contain the word "memory".

On the Advanced Search page, the following additional options can be set:

Results per page
Sets the number of results to display per page. The options are 10, 20, 50, or 100.

Sets the category of the SAND CDBMS Documentation Library in which to conduct the search. This way, searches can be narrowed down to specific topics. By default, all categories are searched.

Sets the keyword matching criteria. If any search words is selected, one or more of the specified search terms must be found on a page to be considered a "hit". If all search words is selected, all of the search terms must be found on a page.

The search operation is carried out when the SEARCH button is clicked. The results appear after a few moments, ordered by a relevance score. Individual search results look like this on the results page:

1. HTML page title hyperlink [Category]
Sample Page The first few lines of the HTML page, with search terms highlighted in yellow, appear here...
Terms matched: 2 - Score: 240 - URL: ./sample.html

Clicking on the page title for a result will open up that HTML page at the first appearance of a search term. All search terms found on the page will be highlighted in yellow.


Increasing the number of search keywords will improve the accuracy of the search, but will also lengthen the amount of time it takes to perform the search.