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System Configuration for SAND CDBMS Operation (UNIX)

AIX System Configuration

On AIX systems, the environment variable AIXTHREAD_SCOPE must be set to "P" (process-based contention scope) to allow applications to create threads in the system. For example, add the following command to the appropriate user profile:


Otherwise, errors will be returned from the SAND server indicating thread-creation issues on the system in which it is running.

Note that this is a known issue with some AIX configurations, and is not specific to SAND software.

More details about AIXTHREAD_SCOPE can be found here:

For optimum SAND CDBMS load performance, the AIX system's tcp_sendspace network parameter should be set to 655360.

To view the current settings, enter the following command:

no -a

To change the current tcp_sendspace value immediately, use the following no command:

no -o tcp_sendspace=655360

This change is temporary, lasting until the next system boot. To make the change permanent, add the following line to the /etc/ file:

/usr/sbin/no -o tcp_sendspace=655360