SAND CDBMS SQL Reference Guide
SAND CDBMS System Tables and Public Views


SAND CDBMS maintains information about all objects in a SAND database in tables belonging to a schema called SYSTEM. These tables are referred to collectively as system tables. The information stored in the system tables is continuously updated by the SAND CDBMS as information changes regarding the current database state. The SYSTEM schema and the tables contained in it are accessible only to users with DBA privileges.

Selected system table information is reflected in views belonging to the PUBLIC schema. The views stored in the PUBLIC schema are sometimes referred to as public views. They provide users with information about the database objects on which they hold privileges. Greater restriction is imposed on the information contained in the public views for security purposes. While only users with DBA privileges can access system tables directly, all users may query the public views.

This Appendix describes the content of each view in the PUBLIC schema and each table in the SYSTEM schema: