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SAND Compacted Table (SCT) Functionality

The SAND CDBMS Data Loader also supports SAND Compacted Table (SCT) files, which are storage archives containing highly compressed table data. In Parallel Loader mode, ndlm can be used to create an SCT File from source flat files, an ODBC data source, or a SAND database. As well, the data in an existing SCT File can be uncompressed and imported into a SAND database using ndlm.

These SCT-related topics can be found in the following parts of this document:

Topic Location
Creating an SCT File from source flat files "Creating a SAND Compacted Table" in the Importing Data with ndlm section
Creating an SCT File from a SAND database The Exporting Data to an SCT File section
Creating an SCT File from an ODBC data source The Importing from an ODBC Data Source section
Importing the contents of an SCT File into a SAND database The Importing Data from an SCT File section