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Data Loader (ndlm)


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Batch Execution

ndlm is an executable program. Therefore one or more ndlm invocations can be included in a shell script to perform a sequence of unattended import or export operations. The steps required to perform batch ndlm imports and exports are summarized as follows:

  1. Create the import/export specification files. You may want to include processing flags in the specification files in order to import segments of an input file successively.
  2. Create a shell script containing a separate ndlm invocation to process each specification file created in step 1. Each ndlm import invocation should include the -b flag to suppress interactive prompts. You may choose to specify invocation flags in successive invocations that provide for progressive loading of segments of the same input file.
  3. Execute the batch file from the operating system command prompt, or use the appropriate operating system command to schedule execution of the shell script.